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To live beautifully is the best love I have for you

I apply the mask lazily lying on the sofa to chase drama,
small aunt suddenly came over.
I said a quick and awkward greeting and hurried to the bathroom to wash my face.
The little aunt smiled and walked up to me and asked,
do you apply the mask every day? What a nice skin.
Why don't you help your mother to take care of it? As I painted the essential oils,
I casually replied,
my mother isn't interested in these.
She studies diet recipes every day,
My words have not finished,
the small aunt will put a hand to interrupt me,
your mother was lovely when she was young,
and often painted on the face mask,
all day study whitening freckle method.
You don't know your mother so well.
With that,
the little aunt walked into the kitchen and greeted he

New for the rise of youth

nd small together Youth Day ~ a campaign more than 80 years ago,
let the whole world see the power of youth and youth Chinese Premier Zhou sentence for the rise of the Chinese study is more proof of the rise of China youth youth is a vibrant art collective breath,
love sports,
fresh natural.
As new youth,
how can have vitality? The youth day and Xiaofan together change a new youth of the exclusive youth shirt collar small fresh art design,
back I tuck,
that makes you more comfortable and natural length through the design,
no need to download into the free,
is the choice of youth of loyal love only God knows I have Marcks T-shirt love you from love in the time of Cholera from every young heart loyal to the love is the same label flick narrow foot jeans lycra elastic fiber,
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100 playoff wins, Wade's milestone night

me on May 4th,
Wade led the heat to the arena and the Raptors center to start the first round,
the eastern semi-final contest,
with Wade in extra time at both ends of excellent performance,
102-96 away to beat the opponent made a difficult victory.
This game,
Wade scored 24 points,
the playoffs total score over Elgin - Beller rose to sixteenth in history,
but also locked their 100 playoff victory.
This season,
Wade will stay in Miami for another year,
13 years of occupation career he has 11 times to lead the team to the playoffs,
the game against the Raptors victory in 160 games after the war,
his total wins 100 times and Ray - Allen tied for the history of the twenty-first,
winning up to a staggering 62.
5% distance Celtic legend John havlieek only a game (currently ranked first is Derek F