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He stuffed these things into the old light bulb, and everyone thought he was crazy

ulb is burned out,
it doesn't shine.
What do you do with the old bulb you replaced? The next lesson is that you don't throw out old bulbs.
Do not underestimate such a small bulb,
it has a lot of use,
such as adding alcohol to make lamps,
lit in the dark,
especially fantasy.
Add some water or cuttings of flowers,
hanging decoration is also very chic.
In recent years,
it is very popular to use glass containers to make potted plants.
Light bulbs are one of them.
Small mouth but big space light bulb.
How do you put many materials in it? Be careful to break the openings and the contents inside,
and then get out again.
Find items that can fix a light bulb,
such as wire or stone,
and fix it at the desired angle.
Another is to prepare the grass,
pine cones,
mud and other materials that you