chrome hearts
air max 97

ing the North West 2,
there will be a lot of people,
about Helena and Frank's story,
I have to say something about the movie poetry.
After I finished watching the movie made a circle of friends,
this is what I have seen most like drama film,
a monologue,
dialogue and monologue by two people a lot of imagination,
instead of paper and pen write love songs.
The story was a bit scattered,
rhythm a little procrastination,
ending awkward placement and particularly stiff and artificial,
this film has many elements that I don't love,
but as a tribute,
or even the best qualified.
But the most surprising one is the quotation of the lines in the lines.
Ignore some deliberately not,
and most of them are stunning and touching.
As a child studying Chinese,
she watched the film with her mother a